2019Killer QueenZed Republic Corp.
2019Beyond HellDark Spirit Films
2017Darker Than NightRiverbank Pictures
2016VacantNina Lisandrello
2016Kidnap Capital (Chairman's Award, San Diego FF, 2015)USB Productions
2016Beyond the GameUniversal Vision Productions
2015Bigfoot and the BurtonsMakins Entertainment
2015Jackie BoyLesser Men Productions
2014The Editor (additional score) Best Score, Fright Night FF 2015Astron-6
2012LawmanCinemavault Releasing Int.
2012Science at the Top of the WorldHyperfocal Films
2011Seance (Special Jury Award Worldfest Houston 2012)Berkshire Axis Media
2011House of the Rising Sun (Won Action on Film IFF, 2011)Berkshire Axis Media
2011Bail EnforcersBlack Fawn Films
2010The Elusive Man / Cesar's World (Action on Film Int. FF 2010)Film PaniK
2009Walking The DeadViewtop Pictures
2008George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead (Premiere TIFF 2007)Romero-Grunwald Productions
2008Man Down / Boyfriend Latte / The Hardest Job / PronouncingFilm PaniK
2007Stir of Echoes: The HomecomingLions Gate Films
2007The Matrimony (additional score) Won Golden Horse Film Festival Awards 2007Hua Yi Brothers Pictures
2005Love Thy NeighborMarvista Entertainment
2004Cube Zero (Crystal Skull Award Screamfest 2004)Lions Gate Films
2004Hockey MomCinemavault Releasing
2003The Limit / Gone DarkGFT / Studio Eight
2002Hypercube: Cube 2 (Won Critic's Award Fantasporto 2003)Lions Gate Films
2002American Psycho II: All American GirlLions Gate Films
2001Danger Beneath The SeaCarlton America
2001The Sea Wolf: The Pirates CurseGFT Entertainment
2001Expecting MercyCinemavault Releasing
2001Wrong Number (Won Silver Award Worldfest Houston 2001)Northern Eagle / Triton
2000RoboCop: Prime Directives (Won Gemini Award 2001)Fireworks Entertainment
Dark Justice / Meltdown / Resurrection / Crash and Burn
1999Nightworld / SurvivorAlliance Atlantis
1999Prisoner of LoveLions Gate Films
1998The First 9 1/2 WeeksLions Gate Films
1997SanctuaryApplecreek / Imperial Films
1997Last To SurrenderApplecreek / Imperial Films
1996Bounty HuntersCinepix / HBO / Miramax
1995Downhill WillieCinepix / Overseas
1995Mask of DeathCinepix / Moonstone / HBO
1994Steve Di Marco's Spike of Love (Premiere TIFF 1994)Alliance Films
1994Ski School 2C/FP Distribution
1988Unfinished Business (with Trish Cullen)Zebra Films


2021Blood and WaterBreakthrough Ent.
2020Opening SicilyRiverbank Pictures
2019The Last 24ID Channel
2019Opening SpainRiverbank Pictures
2018-2019Disasters At SeaDiscovery Channel
2018-17Mighty TrainsDiscovery Channel
2018-17The DeedCineflix Productions
2017Mighty PlanesDiscovery Channel
2017Opening CanadaRiverbank Pictures
2016Sin City ERCineflix Productions
2015Food Factory: Night Shift (series) contributing libraryCineflix Productions
2015-14Megaspeed (series) contributing libraryDiscovery Channel
2015Sports LabRiverbank / Breakthrough Ent.
2014The Quest for GoldCineflix / National Geographic
2014Hunt for a Super Comet (series) contributing libraryDiscovery Channel
2014Surviving Evil (series) contributing libraryCineflix Productions
2014Nowhere to Hide (series) contributing libraryCineflix Productions
2014Chef's Bar (series)Riverbank Pictures / TLN
2014-13Opening: (series)Riverbank Pictures / TLN
2014-12How Tech Works (series) contributing libraryDiscovery Channel
2013-12Alien Mysteries (series)Discovery Channel
2013Murder in Paradise (series) contributing libraryCineflix Productions
2012 Mars Landing 2012: The New Search for Life (Special)Discovery Channel
2012Property Brothers (series) contributing libraryCineflix Productions
2012True Crime Scene (series) contributing libraryCineflix Productions
2012Motives and Murders (series) contributing libraryCineflix Productions
2012Casino Confidential (series) contributing libraryCineflix Productions
2012Real Prison Breaks (series) contributing libraryCineflix Productions
2012Nothing Personal (series) contributing libraryCineflix Productions
2014-2012How Tech Works (series) contributing libraryDiscovery Channel UK
2013Murder in Paradise (contributing library)Cineflix Productions
2011Abducted / Hostage in ParadiseCineflix Productions
2010-03F2: Forensic Factor (series) Gemini, 2006Discovery Channel
2010-05Case Crackers (series)A&E Biography Channel
2010-06MegaWorld (series)Discovery Channel
2009Ancients Behaving Badly (series)Yap Films / Blink Films UK
2009SugarBush: The LA GUNS SessionsAshburn Motion Pictures
2009Tank Overhaul (series)Ellis Entertainment
2009-06Passion MaisonsHistoriaTV
2009Cable in the ClassroomCTV
2008Asteroid TrackersDiscovery Channel
2007Dexter (series additional music)Showtime
2007Shark Warriors aka Shark FamilyDiscovery / Monaco Film GmbH
2007Sharks: A Family AffairDiscovery Channel
2006-05Blueprint For Disaster (series)Temple Street Productions
2006-05On The Run (series)Exploration Productions
2006-05FocusCPAC Channel
2005-04Sexual Secrets (series)Alliance Atlantis
2005-04Sex Files (series)Discovery Channel
2004-00Alternate Routes (series)CTV
2004-03Red Light Districts of the World (series)CTV
2004Kink In My HairNovelette Inc. / VisionTV
2004The Manly Bee (series)Nelvana
2004Split CityIndependent Films
2003Warrior Women with Lucy Lawless (series)October Films / Discovery
2003A Machine to Die ForABC / Discovery Channel
2003Secrets in High PlacesStornoway Productions
2003-02Red Hot and ReadyOcean Entertainment
2000...Animorphs (series)
Trouvailles Et Tresors
Going Solo
Jeep No Limits
White Raven
Real Kids Real Adventures (series)
Fatal Light
Spaceship Earth
E-Scape Velocity
Prisoners of Gravity (series)
Weddings Inc.
Adventure Racer
Saturday Night at the Movies Too (series)
Out There
Fashion Aid
Festival: Toronto International Film Festival
The Nature of Things


Beyond HellDark Spirit Films
Darker Than NightRiverbank Pictures
Me, Myself and IColumbia TriStar
Kidnap CapitalIndependent
The StrainFX Network
The EditorAstron-6
Jackie BoyLesser Men Productions
The DoorBlack Fawn Films
Beyond the GameUniversal Vision Productions
Science at the Top of the WorldHyperfocal Films
Alternate RoutesRiverbank Pictures
The MatrimonyHuayi Brothers
House of the Rising SunBerkshire Axis Media
LawmanCinemavault Releasing Int.
Weird or What?Cineflix
Python HuntersCineflix
Nothing PersonalCineflix
My Teenage WeddingCineflix
Cold BloodCineflix
Casino ConfidentialCineflix
Bail EnforcersBlack Fawn Films
House of the Rising SunBerkshire Axis Media
Walking The DeadViewtop Pictures
Stir of Echoes: The HomecomingLions Gate Films
Cube ZeroLions Gate Films
Daily PlanetExploration Prod.
Rage and HonorIRS Films
ShredPeace Arch
American Psycho 2Lions Gate Films
Mask of DeathCinepix
QSW The Rebel ZoneRhombus Media / Sony Music
Wrong NumberNorthern Eagle / Triton
AnimorphsScholastic / Nickelodeon
HomicideNorthern Ent.
The Sea Wolf: The Pirates CurseGFT Ent.
Jack and JillAlliance Films
ExitRepublic Ent.
Unfinished BusinessZebra Films
Shotgun Love DollsAlliance Atlantis
Popeye Doyle20th Century Films


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